Khorasan Wheat 29 lb Bucket


Why are these grains special at Campbell Farm Grains?

100% Khorasan wheat.


Our grains have never been genetically modified so they are easier to digest — even some with gluten-sensitivities can enjoy them!  Ancient grains also contain more vital proteins, lipids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals than modern grains.

ORGANIC FARMIN PROMISE: Our crops are cultivated on our family farm in Idaho, using organic farming methods passed down through generations, to yield a wholesome, healthier option for your family.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Ancient Khorasan Wheat has a rich, nutty flavor that is delicious in soups, stews, stir fry, salads, or on its own as a breakfast cereal.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: For best results, we recommend soaking whole wheat in water overnight, then drain.  Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil in a pot.  Add wheat, return to boil, then reduce to medium heat and boil uncovered until soft and chewy for approximately 30-40 minutes for soaked grains or 50-60 minutes for un-soaked grains.