How to Soak and Sprout Khorasan Wheat


Here you will learn how to soak and sprout khorasan wheat and other whole grains.

wheat kernels falling out of a burlap bag prior to soak and sprout
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I used to experimental-bake with whole wheat in an effort to be “healthy.” Sadly, however, most of my baking experiments turned out heavy, brittle, and cardboard-like in texture. I appreciated the flavor and health benefits of whole grains, but I was failing to produce anything that could rival white-flour in taste and texture. As a result, my children and husband still favored white-flour baking…that is…until I discovered soaking and sprouting, which allowed me to enjoy the amazing health and flavor benefits of Khorasan Wheat AND achieving the fluffy, soft texture I had been looking for. Like magic, my husband and children suddenly only wanted my soaked and sprouted khorasan wheat recipes. Yup…seriously! Once you soak and sprout Khorasan Wheat for your tortillas and other flatbreads, you’ll never want anything else. Here’s how:

Instructions for Soaking and Sprouting Khorasan Wheat

  • Soak Khorasan Wheat kernels with in a large glass bowl overnight. Do not fill the bowl more than 2/3 full or the kernels will spill out once they absorb the water. You will need about three parts water to two parts wheat. I like to soak at least 10 cups of grain at a time.
  • Drain Khorasan Wheat kernels and lay out on cloths or stainless steel baking pans to dry. Depending on the humidity and temperature, it can take several days for the kernels to completely dry out.
  • At least twice a day, use your hand to stir up the Khorasan Wheat grains so that the bottom grains do not mold/stay wet/dry on all sides. After a day or two, you may start to see your Khorasan Wheat grains sprouting. If you are using wheat that has been stored for a long time, it may not sprout (and that’s okay).
  • Once the Khorasan Wheat Grains appear to be fully dry, open one of the grains to make sure it is dry all the way through. (Putting wet grains into your wheat grinder can destroy it).
  • Grind your Khorasan Wheat grains using a wheat grinder like a Nutrimill
  • Store in the freezer for at least 48 hours if you don’t plan on using your Khorasan Wheat flour right away. This will protect it from weevil infestations. Freezing your Khorasan Wheat flour for long-term storage will also keep it fresh.
  • Use as a substitute for white flour in recipes, especially flatbreads like tortillas or naan. (For bread, I prefer to soften my Khorasan Wheat using a sourdough starter).

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